Conference – Breaking Ground 2023

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Here, we invite students and staff from universities across the UK to celebrate success in widening participation, sharing best practice, and explore opportunities in enhancing support available for under-represented groups in higher education.

This conference is themed: Breaking Ground. We are proud to be delivering protected internships, designed by those that they serve. We aim to break ground by not only building widening access to clinical research with input from those from these backgrounds, but by also sharing best practice to create significant strides in supporting our under-represented future clinical academics.

The conference will be held at Scarman, University of Warwick, on 21/10/2023.

Live steam of The Beacon Academy’s conference – Breaking Ground 2023.
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How To Write an Abstract Workshop
Thank you for those who attended!

This talk took place on 20/09/2023:
This workshop has five aims:
1 – To know what an abstract is and their importance
2 – To become familiar with the structure of an abstract
3 – To recognise good practice and common pitfalls in abstract creation
4 – To understand how to produce an abstract when you have data
5 – To understand how to produce an abstract when you do not have data


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